• True Zero Cross Over
  • Virtually Free from EMI/RFI
  • Input Green LED Indication
  • Output to body 4kV Isolation
  • Output N/O configuration
  • Noiseless without Chattering and Fast Switching
  • Inbuilt Snubber
  • Heatsink + Dinrail Mounting (35mm)
  • Reverse polarity protection.
MODEL Input Output
NO. Type of SSR Voltage Current Voltage Current Amp at 20ºC Current Amp With HeatSink 55ºC Fusing Current I²T
1 SSR-SS4-DA-4810 4-32VDC 4-16mA 480VAC 10Amp 07Amp 300A²S
2 SSR-SS4-DA-4816 4-32VDC 4-16mA 480VAC 16Amp 10Amp 300 A²S
3 SSR-SS4- DA 48 25 4-32VDC 4-16mA 480VAC 25Amp 18Amp 500A²S
4 SSR-SS4- DA 48 50 4-32VDC 4-16mA 480VAC 50Amp 35Amp 3000A²S
5 SSR-SS4- DA 48 90 4-32VDC 4-16mA 480VAC 90Amp 55Amp 7200A²S
6 SSR-SS4- DA 48 110 4-32VDC 4-16mA 480VAC 110Amp 65AMP 10000A²S
7 SSR-SS4- DA 48 150 4-32VDC 4-16mA 480VAC 150Amp 85AMP 15000A²S
8 SSR-SS4- DA 48 175 4-32VDC 4-16mA 480VAC 175Amp 90AMP 20000A²S
9 SSR-SS4- DA 48 200 4-32VDC 4-16mA 480VAC 200Amp 100AMP 25000A²S

Input Technical Data
Input Control Supply Voltage 80-280VAC
Input Control Supply Current 4-16mA

Output Technical Data
Operational Voltage Range Vrms 24-480VAC
Peak Inverse Voltage Vpk 1200Vpk
Rated operational Current at 20ºC IT 25/50/90Amp AC
Rated operational Current at 55ºC IT 18/35/55Amp AC
Max. OFF State Leackage Current mA < 2 mArms
Minimum Holding Current IH 175/275/275mA
Rated Peak WithStand Current ITSM 320/775/1200A
Max. Load Integral i²dt (t=10ms) I²t 500/3000/7200A²S
Voltage Drop in ON-State VTM 1.3V
Isolation Voltage KVA 4KVA

Contac Less Logic Relay with Switching Performed by Semiconductor Device
True Zero Voltage turn ON/OFF
Input Output Isolation 4000VA
High Speed and High Frequency Switching
Longer Life Dus to Infinite Number of Switching
For Load Current More Than 3Amp External Heatsink is Must
Apply Heatsink Pest on the Base Plate of the Before Mounting it External Heatsink
Fast Acting Fuse Require For Protection SSR
SSR Rating Should Be More or Equal to Maximum Jerk Current of Load
Do not check SSR Meter or Continuity Tester Otherwise.It will Always Shows OPEN

Temp.Controller in Ovens & Furnaces
Plastic Processing, Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding & Extrusion Machineries
Forward-Reverse of Motor in CNC Machines
Printing Machinery
Texturising Machinery
Medical Equipments
ON/OFF Motors.Control
Hot Runner Systems
Controlling of Infrared Heaters
Solid and Liquid Packaging Equipments
Refrigeration System and Appliances

  • INPUT: 180-280VAC
  • OUTPUT: 240/330/440 VAC
  • MODEL NO: 102/123/113