Company Policy

Shiv Shakti Sales Committed to provide increasing values to our customer through strong Customer focus and continuous improvement in quality, cost and delivery of our products and services.

While technology surges forward to the future, there's one company that steadily keeps in touch with the times. The company is Shiv Shakti Sales and it has been pursuing its fascination with the future since the year 2010,the year that Shiv Shakti Sales started manufacturing Solid State Relays.

The customer list today remains highly satisfied and hugely appreciative of Shiv Shakti Sales preoccupation with quality & strict professionalism.

Today, Shiv Shakti Sales continues to work on its growth chart adding new Products to its range.

SHIV SHAKTI SALES has set standards for its products that were mainly exported. While significant inroads were made into the domestic market, one thing that set Shiv Shakti Sales apart was its excellent quality. Shiv Shakti Sales Solid State Relays undergo 100% testing that have raised photo-isolated power switching to a state of unconditional reliability that meets the requirements of Automations thoroughly.

The quality is maintained with strict attention to every small detail: from raw material procurement, manufacturing processes to the final product dispatch. A meticulously planned and strictly followed Assurance Programme helps in establishing Shiv Shakti Sales quality criteria that accommodates product design, manufacturing, online testing and statistical monitoring.